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11/20/04 -- The epoxy is still wet from steps one and two.


11/20/04 -- Landing gear, wing struts, and yep, even servos!


Blatantly stolen from Patrick Plawner's site, this is a landing shot. A goal.


11/20/04 -- The foam bits, Tx, charger, miscellany.


11/20/04 -- Foam bits again, kind of as they'll go together. Charger & wall wart by plastic wrap. Ammo tumblers in rear are polishing switch pieces for a ~1910 L&N resistance box.


11/20/04 -- The altavista translation of the Conzelmann (Wingo mfr) website. November 2004 Shonour honoured customers, our business stopped the enterprise after sellout. 45 a year old tradition is now to end. We thank our customers for the solidarity to our house and wish you for the future all property.


11/20/04 -- Along the front edge are a servo box,the Rx and the two servos. Behind the servo box is the battery pack. Behind the first servo is the ESC and then the motor. The blue thing is the prop and the big clear dome-looking piece is the "pilot seat". The long white guys are the servo pushrods.


11/20/04 -- The last gluage. Did I mention I love hemostats?


11/20/04 -- The pool table makes a great place to put this thing together. It's under 6-mil mylar...somewhere.


11/20/04 -- The wing mounting tube and nose bra are almost dry. Here, the tail assembly is gluing. The drill holds the tail boom flat. The cards and the D cells hold the tail parallel to the board at the right height. The right tool for the right job!


11/20/04 -- Wow. Done the same day! Time to wait on a calm day and find a *lot* of space.


11/20/04 -- The wing is assembled and motor mounted.

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