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2008/10/05 -- The classic bell jar, sitting on an inch of acrylic with a hose fitting exiting the bottom of the picture and a couple electrical feedthroughs in the middle. This album has lots of pieces-parts that will hopefully be integrated sometime in the foreseeable future.


2008/10/05 -- A couple valves and a couple pieces made on the lathe. The caps on the VG64 gauge also came from the basement.


2008/10/05 -- A 2" air-cooled NRC (bought by Varian) diffusion pump. This photo was blatantly stolen from the ebay auction where it was acquired.


2008/10/05 -- This is approximately a triode, but with a really weird geometry. The 1" tube sticking out the side is connected to the chamber you're measuring the absolute pressure of. The filament is iridium, which helps keep it from burning up if the vacuum isn't what you thought it was.


2008/10/05 -- Veeco RGLL-7 ionization gauge controller. It dates back to the late 1960's, but looks like it works. Every one of these I've seen on Ebay has the filament switch button missing. Curious. As of this date, has the 1769 midget screw base bulbs that this guy uses 5 of...


2008/10/05 -- It's big, ugly, and the workmanship is amazing. Almost all brass, the scrap value is about 4X the price paid! There are plates both clear acrylic and aluminum ready to be put over the ports.


2008/10/05 -- I LOVE MY LATHE -- The flange on the top left is the inlet to the Edwards rotary vane pump. Leaning on it is the centering ring, and to the right is a mating flange with a 3/8" hose barb. Two days ago that mating flange was a piece of 1-1/4" aluminum rod.


2008/10/05 -- Another shot showing the bottom side of the centering ring (smaller than the top) and the 15 degree bevel on the mating flange. Yeah, I really love my lathe!


2008/10/05 -- I'm guessing this little guy's a capacitance manometer, but can't say for sure. The caps are homebrewed. 5/8" brass hex stock is wonderful stuff :-)

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