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12/18/04 - The game room is finally about to enter the 1990s. Before you is a 1993 Data East Jurassic Park, complete with an inch of dust (note finger mark on bottom left ramp), at least one blown fuse that will wait on a semi-pro lock-picker to reach, and a sound system that can blow me out of the basement! Beyond the fuse problem, it will get new rubber rings, balls, and light bulbs as necessary, new locks, a battery holder remoted from the cpu board, a topper, and, oh yeah, a pretty thorough cleaning.


L-R: 1963 Williams Big Daddy, 1969 Williams Fast Ball, 1975 Gottlieb Super Soccer, 1948 United RonDeeVoo, 1948 Gottlieb Olde King Cole.


The stable with the room lights dimmed - yeah, this camera sucks at low light.

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