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lpda1-1 all its glory. Not terrible for a couple hours' work, and it does seem to function as expected. This is the first step in an effort to get DTV received here without spending the bucks on cable.


07/27/08 -- v.2 of this beast will have a bit less (as in NO) wood in it. This is the boom halves, drilled and ready for elements. They're made from channel intended to bind the edges of 1/2" plywood. Again, the layout & drilling were made a lot easier by the mill. The elements will again be 3/16" OD brass tubing, as this simplifies assembly and looks pretty indoors, in addition to keeping the freq response flatter than 1/8" rod. ...and the spacing will certainly be adjusted multiple times. Oh well. More coming...


07/30/2008 -- It's built. Needs to be hooked up for initial testing... The funny looking element lengths are an artifact of the camera angle. It really *is* a log-periodic.


08/04/2008 -- The LP on the left is aimed toward Cincinnati, and the one on the right is aimed at Dayton. And it works, amazingly...


2008/09/23 -- This one's got twice the elements and a couple dB more gain. It's 3-1/2 feet long. As the third (fourth?) effort, the craftsmanship is considerably better. Update 9/27 -- It was worth the effort. The holes in coverage are now almost all gone.


09/27/2008 -- This is the same vise that held the wooden prototype. Major difference!


09/27/2008 -- This S-meter reading was usually barely into the medium range prior to hooking up this antenna.

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