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This view is from the player's left side of the machine, with the alley swung up to the service position. The player would stand at the right end of the picture. Across the top are two relay banks, one of which resets to start a game and one between frames. The reset coils are at each end, and the black reset levers can be seen running between the relays. Along the bottom, the score motor is at the left, with both cam switches and a rotary switch deck. Above it is the service outlet where the pin mechanic can plug in a light or soldering iron. To the right of the score motor is the timer. It's a motor-driven rotary switch with a spring return and an electromagnetic clutch. It selects the amount of bonus awarded on a strike, spare, or super strike, based on the time between a pin switch being hit and a switch at the end of the alley being hit. This is adjusted by adding a delay from an RC timer on the spring-mounted board at the right. That's really a tube there: an OB3 gas regulator. This was high tech in the 1955 game world. There are several more stepper units in the backbox as well, plus the 24(!) scoring reels.

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