photos : Cheap stargazing?



Boredom & a lack of income breed all kinds of insanity. The glass is an f/2 TV camera zoom lens that's been around forever, waiting for a reason to be. The tripod is a $3 garage sale special, the camera an ebay purchase ($9--bad LCD), and the nifty gadget holding the camera is a dial indicator holder borrowed from the basement machine shop. A small LCD video monitor meant as a Gamecube accessory takes care of the display tasks. Now that it's hacked together, the forecast for tonight is overcast. Of course. :-)


As mentioned, the lens is f/2. It's a 15-150 mm Varotal zoom, and the objective is 110 mm. It's a decent amount of light-gathering capability. It's also about 10 lbs of glass! The iris is motorized, but left left wide open, and the zoom & focus controls are now just a pair of knobs on 1/4" shafts rather than monsterous bowden cables to cranks on camera dolly handles.


Ok, it gets better (or worse, depending on your viewpoint). A 1-inch binder clip let me hang the monitor on the little steel angle. This is rapidly becoming one of the ugliest sins I've ever committed. I care not, as it may get the job done.

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